Monday, November 8, 2010

Helloo and Bear Hugs for you!

Hi there! Welcome to my BLOG!

Being a Bear and integrating into the world of mankind is quite a tricky business! Not everyone is open to seeing a rather short and stout grizzly bear (yes, like the little teapot) at their boardroom table! Hence you can understand the advantages of online marketing and correspondence! Shew, thank goodness for that!

Feel free to follow me! You never know, one day Bears may take over the GALAXY (Bear Grylls is one of us), and having a Bear on your side may be a favourable choice! Mwahahaha!! Jokes aside for now, I find almost EVERYTHING entertaining, so you are bound to stumble across some interesting & entertaining posts!

Tata, and remember, when life gets you down, just grin and bear it ;)

:o Cubby